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Ted Springer:  Steel fabrication of frames for paintings & vitrine stands
Jeff Thom & Jay Farrell: Steel fabrication of card dispenser & vitrine lights
Artistry in Glass: Glass etching & vitrine box fabrication

Debris Collection Assistants
Demion Clinco, Char, Dan & Darwin Green, Katherine Larson, Chika Matsuda, Ted Parks, & Kirstin Valdez Quade

Letterpress Card Attachment Assistants
Aimée Allen, Amanda Beekhuizen, Deborah Chah, Demion Clinco, Jeanne Davenport, Didar Demir, Char Green, Whitney Herr-Buchholtz, Kate Long Hodges, Nicole La Montagne, Katherine Larson, Maria Lee, Kelly Leslie, Terry Moody, Alyssa Rosemartin, Nancy Solomon, Ted Springer, Margaret Suchland, Mauricio Toussaint, Cerese Vaden, Alice Vinson, & Beata Wehr

Historic Anecdote Contributions & Sources
1) Lowe, H.N., (1934). On the Sonoran Side of the Gulf, The Nautilus, Vol. XLVIII, No. 1, 1-4, 43-46.
2) Munro Palacio, Hector, Los Primeros Cholleros, courtesy J. Rupnow, date & periodical unknown, 20-27.
4) Roh, Libby, (1992). Discovering Puerto Peñasco, courtesy William Roh.
5) Scott, Al, (1992). The Cholla Bay Sportsmen’s Club 20th Anniversary Yearbook, 1946.
7) Roh, Libby, (1992). Nacho, courtesy William Roh.
9) Schoonover, Grace, (1976). Twenty Years’ Recollections, The Cholla Bay Sportsmen’s Club 20th Anniversary Yearbook, 66-67.
12), 13) Berry, S. Stillman, (1956). A Tidal Flat On The Vermilion Sea. Journal of Conchology, Vol. 24, No. 3.
15), 17), 21) McKibbin, Nonie, Diving Log of Verona McKibbin, Personal journal, with permission from J. Rupnow, 13, 14, 47.
20), 24) Thomson, Donald A., "Recollections of Cholla Bay," message to H. Green, 4 October 2010, email.
41) Schreiber, Joseph F., Puerto Peñasco 1967-78 #1, Personal Field Journal. 36 & 54.
46) Turk Boyer, Peggy, "Vermilion Remains Quotes," message to H. Green, 10 October 2010, email.

Photo Documentation, Mesa Contemporary Arts

Wilson Graham


Thank You
Dr. Don Thomson (DAT), who allowed me to photograph specimens at the University of Arizona’s Fish & Invertebrate Collections, borrow articles and dissertations, and consulted me on scientific accuracy. Also to Katherine Larson, Kate Long Hodges, Barbara Tetenbaum, Jeff Thom & Peggy Turk Boyer for helping with edits and problem solving, and to my family.

This project was made possible in part from the Oregon College of Art & Craft Jr. Artist Residency, the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona | Buffalo Exchange Arts Award and the Arizona Commission on the Arts Artist Project Grant.


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