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Fulbright Scholar, University of Cardiff

Cardiff, Wales

In February I'll be traveling to the UK for 5 months to work along the Welsh and English shores and mudflats of the Severn Estuary with the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences and the Severn Estuary Partnership at Cardiff University to realize the full scope of Tidal Timespace: Imprints & Palimpsests. While I'm there I will collaborate with geographer Owain Jones, and gather images and stories about the Estuary for an artist book, detailing the diversity and signature of this fragile and vital landscape.



Visiting Artist

UW Madison School of Art

Excited to visit UW Madison at the end of the fall semester and meet faculty and students there


Blue Hauntologies & Spectral Seas (online panel)

Royal Geographic Society International Conference

Co-presenting with Owain Jones, looking at our project through a hauntological lens, looking forward to the other presenter's talks in this fantastic panel!

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