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Artist Books

Paper Production: A special thank you to Karla & Jim Elling who offered to let me work in their amazing paper studio in Paradise Valley, AZ. every weekend for an entire summer! The Hesperaloe was grown and then fermented for a year in a barrel on Karla and Jim’s property, then cleaned, boiled and cut. Amanda Beekhuizen, Kirsten Bert, Taylor Edwards, Karla Elling, Char, Nora and Dan Green, Michael Henderson, Maria Lee, and Alex Thomé all generously assisted with separating fiber. The end papers have sweetbush inclusions, collected by Taylor Edwards. Thanks also to Dan Mayer for the loan of two Timothy Moore moulds and deckles, which were a joy to use!

Proofing: A special thank you to Cori Dolan, Bob Minckley and Katherine Thomé for their help proofreading and editing, and to Ben Wilder with assistance identifying plants.

Printing: The book was printed on an SP20 Vandercook at Arizona State University.


On-site recording, composition of score & mixing: Blue Stained Stems

Installation at UAMA

Heather Green & Taylor Edwards. Thank you Nathan Saxton for the great lighting!


Mica DNA

Assistance with laser engraver: Anthony Mead

Shelves & Vitrine Field Table Fabrication

Welding: Dan Green

Wood Insert: Marvin Shaver

UAMA Photo Documentation

Wilson Graham, Heather Green

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