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Reviews, Press + Research

Erika Gavenus, The Implications of Isolation: A Collaboration Between Heather Green and Taylor Edwards, MAHB Arts Community (The Millennium Alliance for 5. Humanity and the Biosphere) Stanford University,

Taylor Edwards and Heather Green, Chuckwallas of Punta La Cholla, Sonoran Herpetologist, Vol. 32, No. 2, (2019): 19–26

Margaret Regan, Where the Desert Meets the Sea: 6&6: Scientists and Artists team up on works about the Sonoran Desert and the Gulf of California, Tucson Weekly, 4. Feb 7-13, 2019, Vol. 35, No. 52, 31

Sarah E. Clark, Eric Magrane, Thomas Baumgartner, Scott E.K. Bennett, Michael Bogan, Taylor Edwards, Mark A. Dimmitt, Heather Green, Charles Hedgcock, Benjamin M. Johnson, Maria R. Johnson, Kathleen Velo, and Benjamin T. Wilder, 6&6: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Art-Science Collaboration, BioScience, Vol, 70, No. 9 (2020): 821–829

N-Gen, Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers, “Isle of Sauromalus” in 6&6: Artists/Scientists, University of Arizona Museum of Art, 2019, 12–17 (catalog)

Sarah Bodman, Tom Sowden, "Heather Green" (in artist pages), The Blue Notebook: Journal for Artists Books, Volume 14 #2, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

Grace Wofford and Corinne Matesich, 6&6: Creative & Scientific Minds Come Together to Protect the Southwest, Sonoran Institute blog,


Dr. Taylor Edwards

6&6 Project Website

N-Gen 6&6: Six Artists, Six Scientists



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