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Mudflat Casts

Assistance in the field: Ernesto Gastellum, Margaret McClelland, Kirsten Bert, Rosanna Solano, Nora and Char Green

Assistance and Facilitation in Puerto Peñasco

René Loaíza, Nélida Barajas Acosta, Hem Nalini Morzaria-Luna, Alma Valenebro Nolasco, Paloma Valdivia Jiménez


Writing: Heather Green, Owain Jones

Fact-checking Assistance: Peggy Turk Boyer

Editing Assistance: Peggy Turk Boyer and Katherine Thomé

Translation: Tonatiuh Carillo Laminens

Childhood Vignettes

Writing: Heather Green, Rafael Peñuelas Machuca, Owain Jones

Translation: Tonatiuh Carillo Laminens, Miriam Antonietta Carpenter Cosand


On-site recording, composition of score & mixing: Blue Stained Stems

Tide Sequence Artist Book

Printing Assistance: Julia Martin

Assistance in the field: Margaret McClelland

Cleat System and Tide Sequence Table

Fabrication: Kevin Silary

Casting Frames and Pedestals

Fabrication: Dan Green

Print Exchange

Framing and Exhibition: Mauricio Toussaint

Printing Assistance: Danley Walkington

Participating Artists: Ioulia Akhmadeeva, Inge Bruggeman, Sarah Bryant, Macy Chadwick, Rebbecca Chamlee, Lydia Halcrow, Tracy Hill, Kathryn Maxwell, Coral Revueltas, Wendy Rhodes, Barb Tetenbaum, and Mauricio Toussaint

Participating Writers: Owain Jones and Katherine Larson


Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts

Herberger Institute School of Art

US Fulbright Scholar Program

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