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Welding and mechanics on mutoscopes: Brian Horton, Rich Barnes

Step stool fabrication: Dan Green

UAMA Installation

Lighting armature: Franz Buhler

Assistance with installation: Nate Able, Dan Green, Graham Szbala

Video & Photo Documentation

Video Production: Demion Clinco

Video Cast: Katherine Thomé

Photos: Franz Buhler, Tim Fuller, Heather Green

Special Thanks

Char & Dan Green, Nellie Stine, Lowell McCulley, Katherine Thomé, Kate Long Hodges, Brian Horton, Franz Buhler, Tomiko Jones and Jessica Drenk. My MFA Thesis Committee: Ellen McMahon, Jim Cook, Kelly Leslie, Cerese Vaden, Sarah Moore, and other supporting faculty: Lynn & Peter Beudert, Paul Ivey, Stacie Widdifield, Martina Shenal, and Karen & Phil Zimmermann.

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